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Do not use bot followers or likes anymore.

Instagram can detect all bot behavior and put punishment on your profile when using them. Your profile maybe get shadow ban and your post can not show on hashtag area. So do not use bot followers and likes anymore. With azfollow, real people will follow and like exchange, all real human action, the perfect way to get more and more free instagram followers and free instagram likes post

How many post per day for get more free instagram followers?

In particular, Go back to the algorithm. We already know that Instagram algorithm is designed to get people to use the app, stay a long time, and return to it often. So if you were Instagram, would you reward users who posted consistently with increased engagement? But if you are trying to grow your Instagram account and get more followers, you still should not post more than once per day. You will get less engagement per post, which means less of a chance at going viral. Moreover, you will actually lose followers by posting too often. And everytime we post on Instagram we might lose a follower or two as well. This is normal. Get over it.

Grow Your Instagram Account Fast Using Hashtags. Always use 30 hashtags with every post. More hashtags.

Popular Hashtags - These hashtags have the highest amount of views but also has the most amount of posts making it very difficult for your pictures to get lots of exposure unless they are in the Top Post section.

Less Popular Hashtags - These hashtags have a lower amount of views every day, and also has a lower amount of posts every day. This makes it easier for your pictures to get some exposure, and its also easier to get your picture in the Top Post section.

Finally, Mix your hashtags. Do not use all popular hashtags, and do not use all low popular hashtags. You need to mix it up. Your hashtags should include Popular, Less Popular. More chances of getting your picture seen, more chance for "free instagram followers" and "free instagram likes".