You still should not post more than once per day. If you still want more free instagram followers.

I read Instagram news articles like your grandma watches Jeopardy. EVERYDAY.

And I have heard A LOT about consistency over the past few years:

Instagram rewards consistently like no tomorrow
If you do not post for a few days, you are compromising your account is potential for organic growth.
Sometimes not posting for a few days can even stop organic growth permanently
Big accounts like @Nike post 3+ times per day, so you should too.
And it is all a bunch of baloney!

Or is it?

I have said over and over again how "posting consistently" is not enough these days. It is practically our companys slogan at this point. But I think it is time to revisit the issue of consistency.

In particular, I want to go back to the algorithm. We already know that Instagram algorithm is designed to get people to use the app, stay a long time, and return to it often.

So if you were Instagram, would you reward users who posted consistently with increased engagement (aka more fun for individual users, and more impressions/brand awareness for business users)? I would.

But if you are trying to grow your Instagram account and get more followers, you still should not post more than once per day. You will get less engagement per post, which means less of a chance at going viral.

Moreover, you will actually lose followers by posting too often. And every time we post on Instagram we might lose a follower or two as well. This is normal. Get over it.


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