Free instagram followers & Likes

How long my instagram followers & likes go through?

When you exchange your free instagram followers. Your profile will show on task list. It is depend on how many people online that time.

The instagram followers did not go through?

When you take free instagram followers or free instagram likes but it seem did not go throug. Please contact support for help you out.

Instagram followers drop?

Followers from real people. So if they do not like your content, maybe they will unfollow you, but it is not much.

How to earn coins?

1. Please make sure you follow the instructions.
2. Please make sure the app never installed befored on your devices.
3. Sometime it will be delayed Or sometime advertiser will reject with many reason.
4. In this case, AZfollow can not support! Please do another app.
5. Follow people for coins.
6. Like people for coins

Can i do the same app on multiple devices?

If you want free instagram followers, you can connect your instagram username with multiple device. And earn more coins.

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Free instagram followers
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